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The Difference Between Ezine Success and Failure? Why You Must Set SMART Objectives For Your Ezine

So, you’ve decided to launch an ezine, or you’re already running one. Congratulations on either count, because you’ve hit upon what can be perhaps THE most cost-effective marketing tool there is – if you get it right.

Because there’s one very important thing you must do next. Setting SMART business objectives for your ezine right now can make all the difference between a spectacularly successful marketing tool at the heart of your business and an unfocused, unproductive time-drain.

Enthusiasm for a new project is vital but make sure you channel it profitably by laying the right foundations.

Let’s begin at the beginning.

– Why are you running or considering running an ezine?
– What do you actually want it to DO for you?
– How will you know if it’s successful?

When considering your objectives, take care to make each one of them SMART:

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Achievable
R – Realistic
T – Time-bound

SMART objectives for your ezine would not therefore include ‘win some more business’, ‘improve our profile’, or ‘get the name out there’.

You may do all of these things, but I would suggest you need clearer objectives. Why?

One, because your ezine can be a great service to your business over many years, and the guidance of solid objectives can keep you focused and on track.

Two, if you don’t know what your objectives are, how will you know if you’re succeeding or not, and if the time and effort you’re putting in is worthwhile?

So, rather than vague thoughts, your SMART objectives might look like these:

• I will sign up 1,000 new subscribers to my list within the next three months.
• By the end of June, each ezine I send will drive at least 20 people to my website and generate at least $1000 in sales.
• My ezine will generate 10 qualified meetings with prospects every quarter, as of 1 May.
• My ezine will generate 50 unique visits to my website every month.
• My ezine will result in two press inquiries per year.
• My ezine will generate 500 new customer accounts by the end of the financial year.

See how the SMART concept works?

It’s up to you now to apply it. But I guarantee you that if you take the time to do so, you’ll have a far clearer picture of where you’re going with your ezine, and a far better chance of success.


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