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Ezine Marketing: How To Understand Your Niche

A serious mistake made by many in ezine marketing is the failure to really identify who they’re writing their ezine for. And yet the number one reason people unsubscribe from email marketing lists is: ‘The emails weren’t relevant to me’.

Trying to shoot for a wide audience is understandable, because we generally think it’s better to have more readers than less. But how much quality are you sacrificing for that quantity?

You need to give careful thought to the audience you want to attract for your ezine. And, more than that, you need to be sure that you’re gunning for a narrow enough audience and field of subject matter that your ezine will have that all-important relevance and value, and stand out in an overflowing inbox.

The web is awash with free ezines. No-one needs another – unless it provides them with really valuable content.

Taking the time to understand your desired audience is the key to producing the right content. So define your desired ezine subscriber profile in detail.

How to define your audience

In your mind’s eye, envisage the individual or types of individual you want your ezine to appeal to: who are they?

I don’t just mean are they male, female… though this is important too. I mean what goes on in their life? What drives them crazy? What do they REALLY want (whether they would admit to it or not)?

Try to get under their skin. I would recommend you spend at least an hour or two giving this some serious thought.

ALL ezine publishers should consider the following about their target audience:

Social status?
Have family/children?
Educational background?
Political leanings?
Where do they live – what type of neighbourhood, houses?
Personality types – quiet, loud, sociable, introverted?
What do they desire?
What are their worries and frustrations, at home and work?
How do they want the world to see them?
What do they spend their time doing, day to day?
How do they relax?
How tech-savvy are they?
What do they want from a product or service like yours?
In addition, if you’re targeting a BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS audience, answer these questions about the companies of your IDEAL subscriber:

Products/services they offer?
Company revenues?
Number of staff?
Type of staff – senior, graduate, mix, high/low turnover?
New, established?
Traditional, innovative?
How they position and market themselves?
Reputation in industry?
State of industry they’re in/trends?
Use those insights to get very specific about the niche you want to target.

Technology has made it very easy to produce ezines and send commercial email these days. The downside for ezine marketers is that we have to compete with a hell of a lot of other stuff in our audience’s inbox.

You will fail if you try to please the whole world with your ezine. Don’t try! Invest the time it takes to understand and home in on your niche.


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